Sylvia Xiaomeng Li
Sylvia Xiaomeng LiCo-Chair
City Planner, NYC Department of City Planning
Shani Carter
Shani CarterCo-Chair
Senior Analyst, HR&A Advisors


Stephany Lin
Stephany LinDirector
Associate, U3 Advisors
Kai Feder
Kai FederDirector and Former Co-Chair
Chief of Staff to New Jersey’s Chief Innovation Officer
PJ Berg
PJ BergDirector and Former Co-Chair
Director of Real Estate and Planning, Trust for Governors Island
Lemore Czeisler
Lemore CzeislerDirector
Senior Development Manager, LendLease
Andrew Foley
Andrew FoleyDirector and Former Co-Chair
Development Manager, Jonathan Rose Companies

Joshua Levitt
Joshua LevittDirector
Acquisitions & Development, MCR
Nick Williams
Nick WilliamsDirector
Associate, Fried Frank
Zachary Schwanbeck
Zachary SchwanbeckDirector
Real Estate Development Manager, AB Capstone
Johane Clermont
Johane ClermontDirector
Urban Designer, Practice for Architecture and Urbanism

Kristina Pecorelli
Kristina PecorelliDirector
Director, HR&A Advisors
Maggie Haight
Maggie HaightDirector
Director, BJH Advisors
Elizabeth Ginsburg
Elizabeth GinsburgDirector
Senior Program Officer, Policy and Communications, Enterprise Community Partners
Warren Hagist
Warren HagistDirector
Senior Associate, Real Estate Transactions Services, NYCEDC

Advisory Board

Andrea Wong-Miller
Andrea Wong-MillerP/PREP Co-Founder
Senior Investment Officer, AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust
Elissa Hoagland
Elissa HoaglandP/PREP Co-Founder
Director, Children & Nature Network
Josh Mitchell
Josh MitchellP/PREP Co-Chair 2015-2017
Vice President, Real Estate Transaction Services, NYCEDC
Marnina Cherkin
Marnina CherkinP/PREP Co-Chair 2014-2015
Corporate Counsel, Amazon Web Services
Mehul Patel
Mehul PatelP/PREP Founding Member
COO, Midwood Investment and Development